Fulfilling Sales Order


Shipping Procedures

Once the product(s) are sold from the Oklahoma Warehouse, the employee of the warehouse is informed about what product(s) should be picked, packaged, shipped, and to which customer product(s) would be going.

Warehouse employee will receive the form by text message about the product that should be picked and shipped. Make sure you select the correct product, make picture of the product and text to Sonny Beauchamp for confirmation (1-817-692-8857).

The customer may also choose to come to the warehouse to pick up the product personally. In this case you will also get the form with instructions on the product that should be picked and be prepared for customer pick up. If customer comes to the warehouse personally the warehouse will receive a packing slip that should be signed by the customer upon pick up of the product. Warehouse is provided with a printer and all the paperwork for shipping or signing by the customer should be printed in a timely manner.

It is really important to check the shipping date on the form Fulfilling Sales Order. Product can not be late shipping!

If the product is more than 150 lbs. it should be prepared for shipping before 1 pm. Once you package the product and it is ready to go you have to text product information (Bit Size, Serial number, Weight of the package) to Sonny (1-817-692-8857), Alla (1-817-673-9498) and Val (1-469-285-6971).

You will find below example of the form that would be filled with product information that should be prepared for shipping to customer, as well as all the shipping and product wrapping instructions.