Missing Receipt Form


This form is REQUIRED for lost or missing receipts. Every attempt must be made to get the itemized detailed receipt and the merchant must be contacted to request a duplicate if the itemized receipt cannot be located. For purchasing card charges, this form should be used for EACH missing receipt, regardless of dollar amount. This form must be completed in full or it cannot be accepted.

By signing my name below, I certify the following:

1) This purchase was made for the benefit of First Corp International;

2) I am aware the FCI requires original receipts for all purchases and itemized detail receipts for all purchase. I also acknowledge that the continual submission of Missing Receipt Forms will cause the denial of my reimbursement and could possibly subject me to an internal audit.

3) If this purchase was made on a company credit card, the card may be suspended for not providing original receipts or itemized detail meal receipts. Also, for Company credit cards, I may be required to reimburse the Company for missing receipts or missing itemized detail meal receipts.

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