14 3/4″ SGA435GXT


Size: 14 3/4″ (374.65 mm)
IADC: 435
Bearing and Seal: Roller Bearing / O-Ring rubber seal
No. of Rows: 5-4-4
Inner Row: Wedge / 120 pcs
Gauge Row: Wedge / 56 pcs
Trimming Row: Wedge / 26 pcs
Bevel Row: Flat / 70 pcs
Pin Connection: 7 5/8 REG
Bit Weight (KG): 138
Weight on Bit (KN/mm): 0.20~0.70
ROP (rpm): 80~200



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Suitable for extremely soft formations with low compressive strength and high drillability, such as soft shale, clay, salt rock, etc.


– High-strength and wear-resistant carbide teeth are used, and the number of tooth rows, number of teeth, height of exposed teeth and tooth shape are optimized to improve the efficiency and life of the cutting structure of the drill bit
– The new roller bearing structure is adopted, which prolongs the working life of the bearing, and has the ability to withstand medium bit pressure and adapt to higher speed
– The O-ring seal is made of wear-resistant and high-temperature-resistant fluorinated high-saturated nitrile rubber, which effectively improves the reliability of the bearing seal and thus increases the service life of the drill bit
– The oil storage system can balance the pressure difference inside and outside the bearing, and provide good lubrication guarantee for the bearing system
– X feature, the main cutting teeth of the cone are wedge-shaped teeth, which have the characteristics of high cutting efficiency and strong anti-breaking ability for specific medium-soft to medium-hard formations, effectively improving the drilling speed of the drill bit and prolonging the service life of the drill bit
– T feature, there is a trimming row between the gauge row and bevel row to protect the cones and trim the well wall.