5 1/2″ DHA117


Size: 5 1/2″ (139.7 mm)
IADC: 117
Bearing and Seal: Journal Bearing / O-Ring Rubber seal
No. of Rows: 3-2-2
Inner Row: Wedge mill teeth / 26 pcs
Gauge Row: Wedge mill teeth / 33 pcs
Bevel Row: Ovoid / 33 pcs
Pin Connection: 2 7/8 REG
Bit Weight (KG): 14.5
Weight on Bit (KN/mm): 0.35 ~ 0.90
ROP (rpm): 80 ~ 150



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– Applied with new tooth bits design, with hardfacing on the tooth surface and bevel of the cones. Attached carbide inserts on the bevel of cones as well to protect the diameter.
– Adopting the Journal bearing structure, it has the ability to withstand medium WOB and adapt to higher ROP.
– The O-ring seal is made of wear-resistant and high-temperature-resistant fluorinated high-saturated nitrile rubber, which effectively improves the reliability of the bearing seal and thus increases the service life of the drill bit.
– The oil storage system can balance the pressure difference inside and outside the bearing, and provide good lubrication guarantee for the bearing system.