5 5/8″ SHA537XT


Size: 5 5/8″ (142.88 mm)
IADC: 537
Bearing and Seal: Journal Bearing / O-Ring Rubber seal
No. of Rows: 4-4-3
Inner Row: Wedge / 58 pcs
Gauge Row: Wedge / 34 pcs
Trimming Row: Wedge / 8 pcs
Bevel Row: Ovoid / 51 pcs
Pin Connection: 3 1/2 REG
Bit Weight (KG): 15.5
Weight on Bit (KN/mm): 0.40 ~ 1.05
ROP (rpm): 40 ~ 110



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– Adopting the Journal bearing structure, it has the ability to withstand medium WOB and adapt to higher ROP.
– The O-ring seal is made of wear-resistant and high-temperature-resistant fluorinated high-saturated nitrile rubber, which effectively improves the reliability of the bearing seal and thus increases the service life of the drill bit.
– The oil storage system can balance the pressure difference inside and outside the bearing, and provide good lubrication guarantee for the bearing system.
– X feature, the main cutting teeth of the cone are wedge-shaped teeth, which have the characteristics of high cutting efficiency and strong anti-breaking ability for specific medium-soft to medium-hard formations, effectively improving the drilling speed of the drill bit and prolonging the service life of the drill bit.
– T feature, there is a trimming row between the gauge row and bevel row to protect the cones and trim the well wall.