8 1/2″ SHV537GKT


Size: 8 1/2″ (215.9 mm)
IADC: 537
Bearing and Seal: Journal Bearing / Composite seal
No. of Rows: 4-4-4
Inner Row: Chisel / 77 pcs
Gauge Row: Wedge / 36 pcs
Trimming Row: Wedge / 23 pcs
Bevel Row: Flat / 52 pcs
Pin Connection: 4 1/2 REG
Bit Weight (KG): 45.0
Weight on Bit (KN/mm): 0.50 ~ 1.05
ROP (rpm): 40 ~ 110



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– Wide top cemented carbide insert with high-strength and high wear resistant are used to improve the strength, wear resistance and cutting performance of the insert.
– The new journal bearing structure is adopted, which greatly prolongs the working life of the bearing, and has the ability to withstand medium pull down and adapt high rotation speed.
– The performance of the new fluorinated composite sealing ring is improved, and it is more suitable for the working environment and using parameters of the roller cone bit.
– The new sealing structure matches the sealing performance with the bearing, thus greatly improving the service life of the drill bit.
– T feature, a protection carbide inserts row is added between the outer rows and cone back rows for the purpose of cone protection and well wall dressing.
– K feature, the inner row adopts wide-topped spoon insert, which increases the cutting width of the insert and improves the drilling efficiency.