9 7/8″ CHV537LX



Size: 9 7/8″ (250.8 mm)
IADC: 537
Bearing & Seal: Journal Bearing / Composite seal
Number of Rows: 4-4-3
Inner Row: Wedge / 74 pcs
Gauge Row: Wedge / 43 pcs
Bevel Row: Ovoid / 86 pcs
Bit Weight: 18.5
Weight on Bit: 0.13~0.35
ROP: 60~160



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This product is used for cutting parts of roller cone reamers, which can be used for trenchless horizontal drilling and shaft drilling.

Suitable for low compressive strength, medium soft, and hard abrasive interbed formations, such as hard shale, anhydrite, soft limestone, sandstone, dolomite with interlayers, etc.

– With new journal bearing structure which greatly prolongs the service life of the bearing, and has the ability to withstand high drilling pressure and adapt to high rotational speed.
– The performance of the new fluorinated composite sealing ring is improved, and it is more suitable for the working environment and use parameters of the roller cone bit.
– The new sealing structure matches the bearing, thus greatly improving the service life of the drill bit.
– X feature, the main cutting teeth of the cone are wedge-shaped teeth, which have the characteristics of high cutting efficiency and strong anti-breaking ability for specific medium-soft to medium-hard formations, effectively improving the drilling speed of the drill bit and prolonging the service life of the drill bit.